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    I proudly announce with not a smidgeon of humility the successful technique for direct planting and blooming hybrid and papilio species amaryllis(hippeastrum) bulbs 8 to 13 feet up on grandfather live oaks' limb forks and large limbs with ferns and other flora on it in North Florida, Georgia, plusthe gulf states. South Florida amaryllis bulbs had bloomed in trees successfully in Sarasota, Naples, Ft. Meyers, Wellington, etc. for a decade or more.     In the giant live oaks at the beginning of the Belleview Library parking lot (near Ocala) one species (papilio) and 3 hybrid amaryllis (Double Delicious,Picotee, and Temptation) flowered this February (2017) 15 months after planting. I am delighted the hybrids bloomed 3 years quicker than the speciesand included both singles and doubles indicating well grown mature single and double varieties will bloom in a variety of mature trees in the southeasternU. S. The time for direct tree planting is spring to give as much warm spring and summer weather for the roots to bond in the forks and on the large limbsbefore the late summer storm, monsoon and then the dry cool season. Known successful host trees for amaryllis are live oak, water oak, white oak, pecan,screw pine, miniature date palm.
  Do you want an assortment of varities in your favorite shade tree or a few limb forks and large branches with your favorite very dark black/red, rich pink, snow white,or a bicolor ? How about a rare color changer ? Move over bromeliads.  Grab your ladders or fire up a bucket truck it is tree planting timefor amaryllis !!!
I will be at the historic Apopka Art and Foliage Festival last weekend in April.
E. William WarrenAMARYLLIS STUDY GROUPamstgrp@yahoo.comAmaryllis Spectacularis352-694-7010352-216-8970

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