Please could you unsubscribe me from PBS? MANY THANKS!

Khanh Duong via pbs
Sat, 22 Apr 2017 13:07:54 PDT
 Please could you unsubscribe me from PBS?: khanhvduong@yahoo.comMANY THANKS!
Regards 'Google Groups' and Images, if I may say, please everyone be careful regards blindly trusting any online sites, including with words and/or images, since not everyone is 'nice' and 'honest', viewers, users, and potentially/theoretically those storing images (etc)... and such images may be viewable by many, and could be used and searched for decades to come, and perhaps held against your name and/or that of others, for life (and more?). For example, it might be preferable to make sure that PBS images do not contain images of people in them and instead 'only' focus on plants/animals. For example, if there is any risk of litigation regards your use of plants, for example, perhaps you might not wish to post such information/images that could be used in ways that are other than nice/supportive/useful. 
All the Best!
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