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Garak garak@code-garak.de
Thu, 20 Apr 2017 12:54:09 PDT
Am 20.04.2017 um 14:42 schrieb David Pilling:
> The whole "size" thing is something from computing in the 1980s. Not 
> relevant today (even less tomorrow).

I don't agree in that particular point, since file sizes increased 
nearly as fast as the speed of the connections and the transfer limits 
of providers - modern cameras produce huge pictures both in resolution 
and quality. But since you suggest a linking solution we could combine 
this with a technical enforcement, just as the wiki already does - 
server computing capacity is another thing that got cheaper, so resizing 
and, if that's not enough, forcing a better jpg compression should be no 
problem, and most people won't even notice the visual loss from reducing 
to 70% jpg quality.

meanwhile i'm bracing for another frosty night - after a very warm late 
march with occasional 25°C, last night's  -3°C were devastating. Most 
potted bulbs are safe back in the garage, which is filled with the scent 
of Gladiolus tristis right now. but out in the open, it's heartbreaking: 
lilacs and plume poppy, Hosta, Hibiscus syriacus, Buddleja, the Kiwis 
and Zanthoxylum share various shades of brown, let's hope night 2 will 
not add more to that list.

Southern Germany
Likely zone 7a

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