Rodger Whitlock
Mon, 03 Apr 2017 18:44:20 PDT
On 17-04-03 06:16 PM, Kathleen Sayce <> wrote:

> I garden in sand (fine beach sand, acidic, and well drained) and have
> cyclamen all over my yard (yay! ants). Never water the plants. I also
> do not amend the soil. They are wet all winter due to rain, growing
> in soil that drains quickly, and dry all summer.

Fresh water beach or salt water beach? It makes a difference because the 
latter will have endless shell fragments in it, providing an equally 
endless supply of calcium — which is good for cyclamen.

Cyclamen species need relatively wet winters and relatively dry summers 
to do well.

In contrast to Kathleen's garden, mine is on a delicious clay in a low 
spot vis a vis the surrounding terrain; I get standing water in the 
lowest part many winters. But it's dry in summer. For many years I 
considered the ideal site for cyclamen is in the duff that forms under 
conifers, heavily laced with lime to cut the acidity. Miracle of 
miracles, my clay is NOT sticky when wet, unlike the blue marine clay so 
common in the Pacific NW.

And the ants have performed miracles: the driveway to my house runs the 
length of a 300' lane, and there is Cyclamen repandum all through it now.

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