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> Every two years, the Board approves officers to serve for the following
> two-year term. President Nguyen has appointed me to serve as chair of the
> Nominations Committee and I'm looking for other members of the Society to
> serve on the Committee with me. Our job is to prepare and recommend to the
> Board a slate of officers to manage the programs and affairs of the
> Society. The Board will approve the slate by November. That gives us about
> five months to form the committee (which is approved by the Board), accept
> nominations, interview candidates, and decide on the slate.
> If you are interested in serving on the Nominations Committee, please
> contact me at
> In addition, if you are interested in serving on the Board, there are five
> positions to be filled: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary,
> and Membership Coordinator. Here are descriptions of the positions for your
> consideration. Not looking for candidates just yet, but I wanted to remind
> everyone of the position descriptions. New terms start at the beginning of
> 2018.
> A. The President shallpreside at all meetings of the association, act as
> the chief executive officer,prepare agendas, and work with other board
> members to ensure that everything isworking smoothly and all jobs are on
> schedule. The president may also sign checksin emergencies. B. The
> Vice-Presidentshall assist the President and act in the absence of the
> President.C. The Secretary shalltake minutes at all meetings, be
> responsible for correspondence as directed bythe President and the Board,
> and maintain business files for the organizationand a list of all policies
> approved by the Board.D. The Treasurer shallbe responsible for the
> financial records of the organization. Thisresponsibility includes but is
> not limited to writing expense checks, depositingfunds received, collecting
> fees owed, maintaining the PayPal account,maintaining a check register and
> preparing (or causing to be prepared) any taxor organizational forms
> required by the state or federal government. Thetreasurer will submit to
> the Board a year to date treasurer's report prior toeach Board meeting. The
> treasurer shall prepare and submit an annual budget tothe Board of
> Directors, using input from the other officers and board memberswhere
> needed.E. The Membership Coordinator shall record newmember’s applications,
> confirm with new members that all information isaccurate, and communicate
> this information to other members of the board. Themembership coordinator
> will keep a database of member information for theorganization, send out
> renewal notices, notify the officers when a membershiphas lapsed, and
> assist in the publication of a membership directory.
> If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks,
> John WickhamLos Angeles, CA
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