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The following message came via the PBS website. If anyone near New York City has a grand greenhouse and the urge to help Anna, write to her directly.

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> Hi Jane,
> I am a floral designer in NYC, and I have a photo shoot on May 3 and 4 with the photographer Erwan Frotin for which I need to purchase a number of unusual flowers that are not commonly sold as cut flowers. I know you are bulb enthusiasts, and not all of these are bulbs, but I figure my best chance of sourcing these is to reach out to private growers and collectors, and so I was wondering if you or anyone you know might have anything on the list below, or if you had anything else in bloom in your collection, of which you would be willing to sell me a few cut branches or flowers. 
> This list gives you the feeling of what I am looking for--but I am very much open to any other suggestions. As I said, for this project I need cut blooms, not just foliage or living plants. I have a reasonable budget for this project.
> Ixia— any species, but especially ixia viridiflora 
> Aeonium arboreum - yellow flowers
> Aeonium arboreum “Zwartkop” - black flowers
> Eucomis comosa
> Erythrina lysistemon - flowering tree branches
> Yucca gloriosa
> Couroupita guianensis - flowering branches
> Grevillea banksii 
> Eucrosia - any species
> Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi 
> Any flowering Puya, particularly Puya coerulea
> Any flowering Aechmea bromeliad, particularly Aechmea “Blue Rain” 
> This is not a comprehensive list, and I would be open to ANYTHING you might have! 
> Thank you,
> Anna
> 973-489-2992
> http://www.annasurbatovich.com/
> -- 
> Pacific Bulb Society web site
> email: website@pacificbulbsociety.org
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