repotting Achimenes

Leo Martin
Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:23:49 PDT
If they're already sprouting, it's probably not a good idea to repot now.
It would be difficult to do so without damaging the extremely fine
gesneriad roots. It won't harm them to skip repotting.

Park Seed in South Carolina used to sell them, and had detailed cultivation
information in their paper catalog.

Achimines do best in a warm humid summer with warm humid nights. They don't
like extreme heat. They like bright shade to dappled sun, and have been
grown as hanging basket plants on Southern porches for years. Park used to
have a strong Southern flavor.

Most gesneriads strongly prefer loose acidic and highly organic potting
mixes, like perlite mixed with screened peat moss. Heavy soil mixes usually
lead to rapid rotting.

Park recommended 3 Achimines rhizomes to a 4"-6" / 10-15cm pot, more for
larger pots. Plant them horizontally 1" / 2.5cm deep. Keep just moist until
they sprout, to prevent rot, then increase watering so they never dry. Feed
heavily when in active growth.

In fall foliage starts to yellow. Let them go dry so the tops die. They
should remain warm during dormancy. Some people store them dry in the pot.
In this case they unpot, divide and repot just before the time for growing.
Others unpot as soon as dry, then divide, and store rhizomes dry and warm
in paper bags with some dry medium. These gardeners repot just before the
growing season.

Leo Martin
Zone ?
Phoenix Arizona USA
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