cyclamen surprise

Kathleen Sayce
Tue, 08 Aug 2017 13:22:49 PDT
I started Cyc. persicum from seed a few years ago, and last year enjoyed the first flowers on several young plants. Then winter came, long, cold and very wet, and most of them died. Having learned the hard way not to turn out the pots too quickly, I let them sit, and this week found that one of them is putting up new leaves. 

The Cyclamen care regimen in my garden has been nowhere as careful as Judy and others—the Cyc. persicum plants are in a fast draining potting mix of pumice and potting soil, topped with granite grit (chicken scratch) in plastic pots, and under the eaves of my garden shed, on the north side, to give them a little rain reduction in winter. 

I appreciate reading about how others care for their plants, it is giving me some ideas. 

PNW coast, foggy, hazy from the BC wildfires and occasionally drizzling
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