2C & 3C wilt preventive for seed sprouting

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Fri, 11 Aug 2017 10:35:55 PDT
 Hello Sarah, Erik, David, Jo&Greg, Shmuel, and all interested;
We have to start treatment with the first irrigation of dry seeds because we are not treating the seed we are treating the medium and maybe some spores riding on the seed coat. 
Seeds have a large portion that contains energy and even hormones to feed the  protoroot and protect the germ from wilt etc. until the first root and tiny leaf can begin photosynthesis (food making). This is why seed starts to sprout and after a certain number of days the tiny seedlings are eaten off at the soil line by Wilt. The seed had used up its energy and stored protective chemicals. 
You could also put your medium in an appropriate dish and heat or microwave to kill fungous & spores before planting. Why not do this  since it works? Overkill. You would kill beneficial "friendly" fungi & bacteria that you would need to replace in some procedure or additive. My opinion (concern, custom?) is to not use commercial fungicides for wilt, but for detrimental fungus attacks later where you are probably treating the plant.
I do not know what all the individuals think of as short term chemical break down. I have used a batch even longer than 3 months. I always make a fresh batch when starting seeds and do not make fresh unless I run out or still starting seed containers after 2 weeks. I use the treatment until at least 6 months for hippeastrum adding fish tank charcoal and Epsom salts when transplanting. Any leftover  bottles are poured into pots or onto beds as irrigation. Any bottles that develop algae or murkiness due to improper cleaning (usually threads) I also pour into pots and beds. As a native of Florida I consume a lot of iced tea and put leftover tea, coffee, and grounds around plants. I almost always have distilled water, tea, chamomile, and cinnamon around.  Everyone should use what WORKS for their plants and is easy for them. Enjoy.   Bill Warren
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