2C formula = antifungal for wilt when sprouting many kind of seeds.

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 Hello Anita, I am in Ocala, North Central Florida, USA. E. William Warren, Amaryllis Study Group   amstgrp@yahoo.com

2C formula - antifungal liquid for irrigating seeds for sprouting instead of water.
Use a drip coffee maker like a basic(simple type Mr. Coffee not a fancy with lots of extra features).Do not put tea or herbs in coffee grounds holder, Put 2 teabags of chamomile tea (flowers only and no her mixes with your chamomile) and one teabag of ordinary tea into the tea pot that will receive the hot water.Start the brewing switch.   {Add 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon to pot now to make 3C.}When the hot water has flowed into the pot, turn off the machine and let the teabags soak until the water cools to room temperature.Squeeze the teabags back into the pot of  2C and split equal amounts into 2 clean plastic 2 liter soda bottles.Fill bottles to neck with distilled water and cap.
Cleaning bottles = It is easy to forget cleaning these areas: inside bottle neck; threads on outside bottle neck; and threads inside bottle cap.
2C can be used to:///Start/ immediately instead of water.Float seeds in glass or bowl to sprout.Unfold a paper napkin/tissue flat on a plate-sprinkle on the seeds spaced apart and mist each day. When sprouts are green, cut each sprouted seedling with its root and paper. Plant into medium so the root is not broken or disturbed.Plant seeds halfway into soil medium. Fully plant seeds as needed. Lay seeds flat on soil medium. Mist these from above or soaking from below in trays, pots, garden, etc.
I use this for sprouting instead of water. For hippeastrum and some other plants  you will be able to measure that the seedlings at 6 months are 25% taller than with plain water.
This probabably will not work on some fungus other than wilts, but prevents wilts like magic all over the world. If you used this from your very first seed watering and you still got wilt, PLEASE email me. I have not heard of a failure. The one time I had a problem years ago was with hippeastrum reticulatum striatfolium seeds which were delayed a month in international mail and had hard tiny white crystals (not wilt) at arrival. It was too late and even 5C did not help.  Bill Warren :   amstgrp@yahoo.com

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