Cyclamen Waking Up in Greenhouse

Judy Glattstein
Sun, 06 Aug 2017 15:03:49 PDT
Cicadas in the daytime, katydids at night. A buck in velvet sauntering 
through on the slope behind the kitchen. Goldenrod in bloom. So yes, 
summer is tilting over the crest and it is time to check out dormant 
bulb pots in the greenhouse.

I grow some cyclamen in pots, kept in my cool - winter temperature set 
at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit - greenhouse. I prefer to use clay pots, 
plunged in a sand filled bench. Sand is watered in summer, pots are not.

They're waking up! Today I repotted 9 pots of Cyclamen hederifolium and 
one C. rohlfsianum. Had the devil of a time getting the rohlfsianum out 
of its pot. Had to repot in plastic - it was so jammed into its current 
pot that it clearly needed to move on up to something larger and I don't 
have a terra cotta bulb pan any larger. Didn't measure but it is at 
least the 8 inches suggested in our cyclamen pages, if not a little larger.

Scooped some fine gravel out of the season brook (new gravel bar formed 
from the heavy rains) and used an Odd-Job whatsis to mix gravel, soil, 
compost. Top dressed with the fine gravel too.

Judy in the great Garden State of New Jersey, where temperatures are 
somewhat cooler than the happy banana 90s Fahrenheit

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