A Question for Haemanthus Experts

Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Sun, 27 Aug 2017 08:58:38 PDT
Hi Eugene and Victoria,

The giant form of Haemanthus humilis is truly impressive! It's not too
difficult to grow. In general, Haemanthus humilis are summer growers and do
go dormant in winter. I would allow the plant to dry out in winter (I've
kept mine near bone dry), then resume watering in spring.


On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 8:02 AM, Eugene Zielinski <eez55@earthlink.net>

> >>I have a very small Haemanthus Humilis Giant Form that\'s not doing very
> well.
> >>I bought about 5 months ago and it was very perky and looking good. The
> seller recommended repotting it because the roots were so large it was
> about to break it\'s plastic pot. I repotted to the next size up and it was
> doing well for a while and now that we\'ve hit winter in Melbourne,
> Australia, it\'s started to spot, split on the leaves and droop overall.
> >>It\'s always been kept inside in an average temp room, bright light and
> no drafts or direct sun. I water occasionally, not letting the soil
> completely dry out. I\'ve never changed it\'s position or how I care for it.
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