Crowdfunding Geissorhiza Research

Evan Eifler
Wed, 30 Aug 2017 12:41:21 PDT
Hello Everyone,

My name is Evan Eifler, you may know me from the Winter 2016 issue of The
Bulb Garden where I wrote about my experiences collecting Geissorhiza in
South Africa last August. I'm a PhD student in the University of Wisconsin
- Madison Botany Department where I am studying Geissorhiza ecology and
evolution as a vector for understanding how the biodiversity hotspot that
is the Cape Floristic Region was generated. Please follow the link below
for more information:…

I am writing to you today both to offer more information about my project,
and to ask for your help. I am preparing to travel back to South Africa
next week and although my department has funded the flight and
transportation for my fieldwork this year, I am looking for additional
support to help me collect the rest of the species needed for my study.

Beyond the scientific merit of the study, I will also be gathering valuable
information about the poorly documented and understood species of
Geissorhiza. I will be photographing every species I collect which will
then be uploaded to the wiki. And the genetic data I gather for this
project will be uploaded to the online database, Genbank, which will
preserve each species' genetic blueprint into the future even if the fate
of the species in the wild is uncertain - which is the case for the roughly
70 species that are already listed as of conservation concern. I am also
working on how to bring seeds and/or corms with me back to the US where
they may be propagated by this community as a form of ex-situ conservation.

I hope this network of bulb enthusiasts will appreciate the work I am doing
and will support my endeavor. Please follow the link below for more
information, and please don't hesitate to shoot me an email with any
questions you might have. My crowdfunding campaign will run for the next 30

Thank you,
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