2C formula = antifungal for wilt when sprouting many kind of seeds.

Shmuel Silinsky gardenbetter@gmail.com
Tue, 08 Aug 2017 00:17:16 PDT
Very interesting. Do you know if there is a storage life for this

Shuel Silinsky
Jerusalem Israel

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>  Hello Anita, I am in Ocala, North Central Florida, USA. E. William
> Warren, Amaryllis Study Group   amstgrp@yahoo.com
> 2C formula - antifungal liquid for irrigating seeds for sprouting instead
> of water.
> Use a drip coffee maker like a basic(simple type Mr. Coffee not a fancy
> with lots of extra features).Do not put tea or herbs in coffee grounds
> holder, Put 2 teabags of chamomile tea (flowers only and no her mixes with
> your chamomile) and one teabag of ordinary tea into the tea pot that will
> receive the hot water.Start the brewing switch.   {Add 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon
> to pot now to make 3C.}When the hot water has flowed into the pot, turn off
> the machine and let the teabags soak until the water cools to room
> temperature.Squeeze the teabags back into the pot of  2C and split equal
> amounts into 2 clean plastic 2 liter soda bottles.Fill bottles to neck with
> distilled water and cap.
> Cleaning bottles = It is easy to forget cleaning these areas: inside
> bottle neck; threads on outside bottle neck; and threads inside bottle cap.
> 2C can be used to:///Start/ immediately instead of water.Float seeds in glass
> or bowl to sprout.Unfold a paper napkin/tissue flat on a plate-sprinkle on
> the seeds spaced apart and mist each day. When sprouts are green, cut each
> sprouted seedling with its root and paper. Plant into medium so the root is
> not broken or disturbed.Plant seeds halfway into soil medium. Fully plant
> seeds as needed. Lay seeds flat on soil medium. Mist these from above or
> soaking from below in trays, pots, garden, etc.
> I use this for sprouting instead of water. For hippeastrum and some other
> plants  you will be able to measure that the seedlings at 6 months are 25%
> taller than with plain water.
> This probabably will not work on some fungus other than wilts, but
> prevents wilts like magic all over the world. If you used this from your
> very first seed watering and you still got wilt, PLEASE email me. I have
> not heard of a failure. The one time I had a problem years ago was with
> hippeastrum reticulatum striatfolium seeds which were delayed a month in
> international mail and had hard tiny white crystals (not wilt) at arrival.
> It was too late and even 5C did not help.  Bill Warren :
> amstgrp@yahoo.com
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