Yellow Oxalis lawn

Hansen Nursery
Wed, 30 Aug 2017 08:31:57 PDT
"""There is a lot about ridding a lawn of Yellow Oxalis (Oxalis
corniculata). However I think that instead of ridding it, it might be a very
attractive lawn plant with its purple green leaves and yellow flowers, also
no mowing""""

Speaking as a nurseryman battling this particularly pernicious weed, I think
that would be an unwise use of Oxalis corniculata.  Further, your local
State Department of Agriculture may have it on their noxious weed list.
Unfortunately, this particular plant spreads with incredible speed and your
neighbors may not appreciate it either.  Should you decide to eliminate this
oxalis in such large quantities, you would have great difficulties over a
number of years in doing so.  There are a number of books available now on
how to have a grass-free lawn that suggest a wide variety of far less
invasive plants.  I do hope you are not serious....

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery

In smoky southwest Oregon

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