Pots for Cyclamen in Greenhouse

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Mon, 07 Aug 2017 05:41:45 PDT
Robin, the determining factor is the depth of sand. The bench is 7 
inches, level of sand somewhat less. Up to 6 inch diameter pots can be 
standard proportion - height and width are the same (if 6 inches wide 
then 6 inches tall.) Most Cyclamen hederifolium are in 4 inch pots, a 
couple are in 6 inch.

My two gigantic cyclamen - Cyclamen persicum that I've had since 1973 
and the C. rohlfsianum cannot have standard pots because the sand bench 
is not deep enough. The latter was in what's called an azalea pot, 2/3 
deep as wide, which was 8+ inches wide. It's current (plastic) pot is 
roughly 11+ inches wide, 6+ inches deep. The C. persicum is in a terra 
cotta bowl 14+ inches wide. If you want I'll measure pot height when I 
hoick it out of the sand to top-dress or repot later in August or early 

I periodically make a shout-out to my garden club, requesting any unused 
/ no longer wanted terra cotta pots. That's my source for 4 and 6 inch 
pots. Anything much larger is difficult to acquire. "Modern" pots, when 
found at a shop, are - call it flimsy, with thinner walls. Or they are 
extremely expensive, fancy,made-in-Italy Seibert and Rice terra rossa pots.

Judy in New Jersey where it is gently raining this morning

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