Erythronium in eastern North America

Jane McGary
Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:00:24 PDT
I've been asked to write a short article for gardeners on the genus 
Erythronium. I feel confident to discuss cultivation of the western 
American and the Eurasian species, but I have little experience with the 
eastern American ones, and I don't know how well western species do east 
of the Rocky Mountains. I would appreciate input from gardeners in that 
area on which species they grow, and whether they grow native eastern 
American ones. I expect the audience for the article to be largely in 
the East and Midwest.

I have the impression that the commercial hybrids such as 'Pagoda' and 
'Citronella' do well in much of North America. Is this correct? Are 
there areas where they don't succeed, and why do you think that's so?

Can you recommend nurseries that offer Erythronium species (not the 
abovementioned hybrids)? Which species can be obtained, and is it 
certain these are not wild-collected?

What western American species do well east of the Rockies? E. 
californicum 'White Beauty', a commercial clone, is a likely prospect. 
Who has tried E. oregonum, E. multiscapideum, or E. revolutum -- 
probably the most common species in gardens here? How do you grow them, 
and do they flourish?

I look forward to responses and will be happy to credit anyone who gives 
me permission to quote in the article.


Jane McGary

Portland, Oregon, USA

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