Albuca spiralis

Nikki Doherty
Thu, 28 Dec 2017 12:54:05 PST

I just wanted to chime in as I have 6 mature bulbs and also grow from seed.
As others have said, fast draining soil is key (except seedlings under one
year seem to like more moisture), and bright light. The curling has to do
with stress in my experience - more water deprivation and direct light
means more curling. If shaded or watered frequently they go leggy or almost
straight. They are winter growers from what I've read, but in practice mine
periodically go dormant with no rhyme or reason, and the blooms are May -
July for mine.

There seems to be variation from plant to plant as to what it's dormancy
looks  like. Some seem to remain almost evergreen whereas all but one of
mine completely die down to the soil. Particularly they die back after
blooming so I water very sparingly during the bloom. After die back, I give
them no water for a month or so, then gradually resume and all new growth
spurts up rather quickly. I give diluted fertilizer at that time. I have
wondered at times due to variations not only in dormancy but also the
presence of fine hairs on 2 of mine, if possibly they were crossed with A.
namaquensis at one point.

Like you, info on the net was sparse when I first obtained mine so I've
just developed a routine based on paying attention to what the plant seems
to want, which has been successful. I collect African bulbs with oddball
characteristics, so my experience comes from A. spiralis and A.
concordiana, Trachyandra tortilis, and Bulbine torta.

Good luck to you!

Nikki Doherty
BC, Canada
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