Albuca spiralis

Wed, 27 Dec 2017 22:42:29 PST
Hi Robin,

I've started Albucca Spiralis from seed last winter, as too often for me 
with only one survivor - two thin leaves under LEDs in that first phase, 
I thought it wouldn't do much. I kept it dry after those leaves started 
wilting, and watered it in September, shortly after new leaves emerged 
which were much more than I expected. it's been outside in full sun till 
the end of October - not too much sun, as September was awful in 
Germany, but still some curls - and had to rescue it from a slug attack. 
Since then I've got it on a south window in my bedroom (~18°C)  - not 
too wet, since the soil i use is quite sandy and doesn't hold water 
well. The single flower it started producing in the beginning of 
December is about to open - it's a bit weak for too little light here at 
48.7° North, but for now it seems to do well. Can't see where I've done 
something totally different than you - what soil are you using?


Am 28.12.2017 um 00:07 schrieb Hansen Nursery:
> I was given an Albuca spiralis 'Fizzle Sizzle' months ago and thought I was
> doing the right thing..  I kept it on the dry side (but not totally dry) in
> my propagation house which gets mostly full sun.  It produce a flower stalk
> which didn't progress but slowly so I brought it into a west-facing window
> in a house that varies from 60-70 degrees.  I watched it and much more
> quickly it appeared that the flowers would be opening within a few days but
> all the leaves died and the flower stalk was leaning. I touched the stalk
> and it was not firm, felt loose and I observed mold so I tugged gently and
> it came away in my hand and was clearly rotting, so I cut off the bad part
> and stuck it in a glass of water.  Then discovered the bulb had completed
> rotted.
> I can't find any but the most general cultural information which doesn't
> help me.  Does anyone grow this and if they do, may I please have some
> advice on keeping them alive?  I was so looking forward to flowers because
> it's reputed to have a wonderful scent!!!!
> Robin Hansen
> Hansen Nursery
> Southwest coast of Oregon where it's finally raining!
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