Lilium chalcedonicum seed

Johannes Ulrich Urban
Fri, 01 Dec 2017 02:40:09 PST
Hello Darm,

Having recieved a very generus amount of seed of Lilium chalcedonicum 
from a friend, I have read the germination instruction on the PBS 
website. What a wealth of knowledge!

The process of germinating L. chalcedonicum seed similar to L 
leichtlinii seed seems quite complicated, especially the freezing period 
irritates me. I have never done such thing in the past but have 
germinated many Lilium species, including hypogeal ones sucessfully.

The seed I have here was harvested in 2015. I know that Lilium seed is 
quite long lived. My question now is: shall I proceed exactly like 
indicated under L. leichtlinii even though my seed is 2 years old? Or 
would there be modifications due to the age of the seed? I could easily 
split the amount into different lots to try different regimes. But your 
advice would be most welcome. There would also be enough seed to share 
with the PBS, but would it make sense with old seed? It would have to 
wait until the seed exchange would accept seed again anyway.

Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you very much!


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