Calochortus Bulbs & Seeds

Diane Whitehead
Sat, 23 Dec 2017 18:33:11 PST
If you buy directly from a collector, you will be more likely to know whether the seeds were collected from a mixed population.

For example, here are some calochortus quotes from Alplains:

Lovely rose-pink forms predominate in this population.

Flowers cream to pale lavender and heavily fringed inside, 

A wonderful small colony here with flowers blotched and shaded in various red, purple and magenta hues.

On 2017-12-23, at 5:40 PM, Irving Gunderson wrote:

>   Most Calochortus species show great variety. When buying seed will
> one be fortunate enough to get some variety, even if the seed should
> happen to come all from one plant?

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