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Anita Roselle
Tue, 05 Dec 2017 09:55:54 PST
Welcome Albert,

From a fellow North Carolinian who knows Brigantine. NJ well. I am
orginially from the Philla.area and spent summers in either Brigintine or
Stone Harbor.

Dell, I wish you long and pleasurable days and hours with what ever you
plan to do with your freed up time now that the PBS finally has a new
Executive Director. You did an incredible job for many years. Thank you.

Albert you have taken on a demanding job with big shoes to fill but you are
young. I wish you a smooth transition and easy sailing
with the duties of the PBS.

Look forward to many more great PBS's
Anita R.

On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 8:02 AM, Albert Stella <>

> Good Morning PBS!
> I’d like to start by first thanking the board for this opportunity. I’d
> also like to thank everyone for graciously welcoming me and for all the
> warm words of support. Last but not least, I again have to thank Dell for
> all the years of service. I will do everything I can to maintain the same
> standard of excellence.
> Now for a little about me. I’m 27 years old. I grew up in Brigantine, NJ -
> a tiny barrier island just north of Atlantic City - and moved to Raleigh,
> NC in 2009 to attend NC State University. I never left. I like it here.
> As far as plants go my interests are pretty varied. For years my
> particular area of interest has been plants from equatorial alpine
> communities (predominantly Andean) and I have amassed a large collection of
> such plants. Traditionally I only grew bulbs from these same environments;
> I am most interested in South American amaryllids. More recently however,
> I’ve been getting into some South African Iridaceae and rare Crocus spp. I
> am rarely interested in hybrids (unless they occur in nature). I like
> naturally occurring species, varieties or forms.
> Unfortunately, summers are too hot, and winters are too cold in Raleigh
> for me to grow most of what I’m interested in outdoors. I am therefore
> relegated to growing indoors. If I have something that I just really want
> to plant out, I typically do so into my father’s garden in Brigantine, NJ.
> His garden is small but I’ve managed to fill it with what I think are
> really cool plants (Musa velutina, Hymenocallis imperialis, and several
> Amorphophallus spp. [henryi, dunnii, kiusianus, napalensis, thaiensis,
> konjac, yunnanensis, bulbifer, yuloensis and krausei]).
> While I am always open to growing and learning of new and exciting taxa,
> my true love with bulbs will always be South American amaryllids.
> Lastly, let’s get into what you’re all much more concerned with I’m sure:
> The exchanges!
> There will be no immediate changes to anything. Some suggestions have been
> thrown my way already, and I do appreciate those suggestions. I however, do
> not imagine there will be any efficacy in changing a process that someone
> else has taken 15 years to work out in a way that runs smoothly and keeps
> everyone as happy as possible. I intend to run everything exactly as Dell.
> If, in the future, we come across scenarios that may benefit from minor
> changes to the process, we’ll cross that bridge together when we come to it.
> I look forward to many years of good growing and working with all of you.
> Feel free to email me with any questions.
> Make it a great one!
> Al
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