Albuca spiralis

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Thu, 28 Dec 2017 06:14:27 PST
Dear Robin and Dear All!

First of all my best wishes for the approaching New Year to all of you!

Albuca spiralis is a winter rainfall species and Albuca shawii is a summer rainfall species with a fairly short dormant period, though. So their cultural requirements are different.

I have once grown Albuca spiralis but lost it, too. I do not remember a particular scent.
Is it possible that your plant received too much water accidentally while it was in the greenhouse? Too high humidity which might have encouraged fungal infection? I have lost winter growing plants that way more than once.
But your question makes me also think of my failure with commercial Ornithogalum dubium hybrids which I have found impossible to keep alive. Was your Albuca of commercial origin? These kind of bulbs may be micropropagated and then grown on in the most unsuitable substrate for fast commercial results. Sold as plants in bud or flower they seem to spend all their energy and then die. Or are fragile and prone to disease at least.

Bye for today,

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