Jane Sargent
Sun, 15 Jan 2017 14:53:28 PST
I understand that CHAD can be difficult for family harmony.  I have a 
PTSD from having lived with a collector many years ago--not a plant 
collector, but in the extreme case, the symptoms are probably the same. 
My situation had a happy ending when I traded him my half-interest in 
the collection, for the house and full custody of the kids.
I have a few hippeastrums in the garden in Mexic/o./ Here in 
Massachusetts, I am considering getting one to put indoors on the 
bright, cool windowsill.  There was a website offering them,…
First of all, it says they are blue, and this seems questionable to me. 
Are there really blue ones?
Secondly, he says he ships them from China. Is it possible to mail bulbs 
here from China? Or even seeds?
If this isn´t a proper hippeastrum source, could you tell me what would be?
January seems a bad time for a bulb to be in a Fedex truck in 
Massachusetts. It´s cold.
The reasons I´m not afraid that I´ll get CHAD:
I can quit whenever I want to.
Other people have more hippeastrums than I do.
I´m not hurting other people.
I´m not even hurting myself.
It´s not illegal.
It actually improves my performance.
I deserve it.
Everybody does it.
You do it, too.
It´s a disease, not a moral failing.
One day at a time.

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