David Pilling
Mon, 16 Jan 2017 04:23:17 PST

On 16/01/2017 04:29, Robert Hoel wrote:
> Comcast is my provider as well and I do not seem to have the problem that you are referencing.

Some list members get digests, some get individual emails (you can 
choose). There can be a difference in how systems treat these.

Robert you receive digests, with digests it is easy to see if any are 
missing because the subject lines are consecutively numbered.

 From the information I have from the list management system my 
impression is that both digest and individual email subscriptions have 
been affected, but digests less so.

If anyone would like to look through their digests and let me know if 
any are missing or not, that would be interesting. Possibly private 
email would be appropriate.

The problems began on the 2nd December.

There are many less digests than individual emails, that means less 
opportunities to reject postings. It is the individual email 
subscriptions that grab our attention.

David Pilling

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