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The following inquiry came via the PBS website. Butchart Gardens in 
British Columbia is open to the public by admission and is popular with 
tourists for its lavish displays of bedding plants and colorful bulbs. 
If you can assist Jodi in finding some Veltheimia varieties, please 
write to her directly at the address below.

Thanks, Jane McGary

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Hi. I am looking for sources for velthemia bulbs for our gardens. We currently have pale pink fading to green one and a regular deep pink bracteata. I have been trying to find a source for more unusual colors like what is being produced out of Australia (Rosalba, yellows, white etc).
The few nurseries I have sourced stated they don\'t ship to Canada. I thought I would see if there are any private collectors, or if you have contact with some contributing members who breed for new colors who would be willing to ship to Canada, and of course we are prepared to do all paperwork. I am newly in charge of our show greenhouse that the public views and would love to add some more rare specimens and collector plants.
I feel it would be wonderful for a breeder to know their plants are being shown at the Butchart gardens.
I hope you can help me track down some potential sources.
On a side note I would be interested in other rare and unusual bulbs that are large enough to be on display but primarily ATM interested in the velthemia.
Thanks so much
Jodi Hill

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