Could Saffron Help Vermont Farmers?

James Waddick
Fri, 13 Jan 2017 15:10:53 PST

	I vaguely nrecall that the ‘Last Saffron Farm’ * on the east coast was in PA near Phil. My original stock of bulbs came from there when they closed years ago.  Wages simply made i t uncommercial.

	On the other hand I’d certinly urge small growers to produce saffron as a specialty product for farmers market where they could gert a premium prices for even small amounts.

	Easy to grow and harvest if you are not trying to make money onit.


* This may just have been a story. Something vaguely associated with PA Dutch communities. -  or not.

On Jan 13, 2017, at 12:05 PM, Judy Glattstein <> wrote:

Calling saffron "the world's most expensive spice," a BBC article: looks into what's involved in raising and harvest saffron in New England's ski-centric state of Vermont.

So perhaps we'll have our choice of imported-from-Afghanistan or domestically-produced saffron. Paella for all!
Judy in the Garden State, where our weather is gleefully flip-flopping from nighttime lows of 9 degrees Fahrenheit to a daytime high of 59 degrees fahrenheit a week later

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