Hippeastrum Acquisition Syndrome

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Chad--My sympathies! What are the symptoms of your condition? Which plants seem to call to you? 
Rick Buell 
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 Hi Chad,
 I'm afraid the only advice I can give you is...give in.
 There's no cure, why
 not take advantage and enjoy yourself? You know you're in
 big trouble when
 you start hybridizing so you can come up with that "perfect
 one" and all you
 have to show is a house bursting at the seams with
 Cambridge (Boston) MA 
 USDA Zone 6b
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 How ironic that my name is Chad. And I've got CHAD bad. In
 fact I am a new
 member and one of the reasons I joined was to find more
 resources to treat
 the symptoms of my CHAD, since I am unable to find any of
 the ones that I
 really want. Do any of you fellow CHAD sufferers have any
 advice or info
 that might help me? Oh please help!
 Chad in Elverta CA
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