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Mon, 02 Jan 2017 13:44:44 PST
 Love the name.


On 01/02/17, Jane Sargent wrote:

Well, in my Massachusetts garden, nothing at all is flowering. That´s easy.

I´m in the south of Mexico for a short break, and that´s another story. 
The only bulbs flowering in my yard here, and this will change, are 
cannas and a wealth of heliconias, including some very large ones. The 
most spectacular plant blooming in the garden today is a shrub, 
Megakepasma erythrochlamys, allegedly native to the Venezuelan rain 
forest, but transported here (by shady means, I think) as cuttings, from 
the western part of Belize. They didn´t die, but they didn´t do much 
their first two years with me. Then they cut loose.


I did not take these pictures, but they are accurate. My two specimens 
are about 10 ft. high, dense, shiny bright green, with unspeakably 
outrageous red panicles a foot long or longer. They flower for months. 
The ants mostly leave them alone. I have never done anything nice for 
them, such as pruning or fertilizing. One gets more than half a day of 
sun, and the other gets only small amounts. There is very little soil 
here covering the limestone.

It´s just not a bulb.

Happy 2017 to all.


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