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Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:10:19 PST
What a wonderful and fine post, Mr. Poulsen! Thanks for sharing!


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2017-01-16 12:47 GMT-05:00 Lee Poulsen <>:

> Telos is extremely reliable. Diane knows her bulbs.
> The Japanese guy is Komoriya and he has been breeding all kinds of bulbs,
> especially Hippeastrum for decades. His stock is wholesaled all over Japan.
> He even has some rare species of other bulbs that if you find them on his
> actual website (rather than just what he offers on eBay), I’ve been told
> you can email him and request them and he’ll offer them when they’re
> dormant. (He also has some amazing Lachenalia hybrids that he once offered
> a couple of years ago on eBay for a few months.)
> Finally, there is an excellent seed source for Brazilian Hippeastrum
> species (and some primary crosses). That would be Brazilplants which is run
> by Mauro Peixoto. (If you’re ever in the vicinity of São Paulo, Brazil and
> can afford an extra day to head out to his farm and shade houses, you’ll be
> blown away by all the rare and amazing Brazilian natives he grows. For
> example, picture a piece of one-meter diameter concrete pipe placed
> vertically on the ground outside and filled with well drained medium as a
> sort of giant pot or small bed, filled with about 25 giant bulbs of
> Worsleya all of which are in full bloom with about hundred of those amazing
> purple-lavender flowers open at the same time!)
> Now if we could just get someone in Argentina, and especially Bolivia, to
> start up a mail order nursery to grow and offer seeds of their native
> Hippeastrums (someone in Peru would be nice, too), I would be in heaven.
> But it would also mean that CHAD sufferers would never be cured. If you
> have a Facebook account, go look at the photos of Bolivian Hippeastrum
> species that Raul Fernando Lara Rico has posted. Actually, I think he also
> cross-posts them on the Planet Botanical Hippeastrum Facebook group site,
> which if you go there and search the group for his name, you’ll eventually
> find a series of photos of all the native Bolivian species. But I warn you
> that you’ll get a serious flare up of Hippeastrum lust.
> --Lee Poulsen
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> > On Jan 15, 2017, at 7:48 PM, Tim Eck <> wrote:
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> > There is a reliable Japanese vendor who sells on eBay.  I have ordered
> from them with good luck.  You can also order some excellent hippeastrums
> from bulk domestic dealers (Sunshine etc.) and niche breeders ( Mary
> Mancini ?) on eBay.  I haven't ordered from them in a few years so my info
> might be outdated.
> > Tim
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> >> The only one I know is Telos Rare Bulbs in CA. Diane who is the
> proprietor
> >> appears here on occasion.
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> >> Arnold
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