snowdrop bulbs when to plant

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 10:03:12 PDT
>Basically I thought it was only the chill that set the bulbs in motion, looks like they need time during the dormant stage to 'work'. (I was wondering if winter flowering bulbs would sprout and flower if chilled and brought to blooming stage in Summer.)
One thing of which I’m reasonably certain is that autumn- and winter-flowering bulbs planted in autumn will not grow roots unless they get water. Simply planting the bulbs does not make roots grow. 
If I planted autumn-flowering crocuses in September I would now plant them in a frame or pot and water the daylights out of them. If I planted them in the garden somewhere, bitter experience tells me that I would forget where I had planted them, and by the time I found them, after the typical zero inches of rain we get in September and October, the bulbs would be dead, exhausted from trying to flower without roots.  

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