Subject: Re: voles and bulbs

Mon, 17 Jul 2017 08:35:40 PDT
>I hesitate to get cats, as I have bird baths throughout the garden and am a birdwatcher. But I wonder if I could encourage weasels to live nearby? They are tremendous hunters, if only they would hunt in my garden. 
Blood meal, sprinkled at the entrances to their tunnels, will make them move. 
The garden here used to be infested with voles but not any more. I attribute that, in part, to border collies, who loathe having voles in their yard and, when young and active, dispatch them very efficiently, and also in part to the large number of predators here. Owls, hawks, and a large population of snakes. Not just garter snakes, but big snakes (over a meter long) like racers and bullsnakes. 
My standard answer to vole infestation, then, is “Get some snakes”. 
Bob Nold 
Denver, Colorado
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