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David Pilling
Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:42:30 PDT
Hi Brian,

On 22/07/2017 12:14, Brian Whyer wrote:

> is there a way to get them downsized before downloading?

If you mean cropping, removing non-relevant material from the photo, 
then that has to be done by the person posting the photo.

Simply reducing the image size by compression and scaling is something 
that could be done by software.

> Also they need an identity to be of real use.

Again something for people posting photos to be aware of.

These are early days for photo posting, we have to try it, see how it 
goes and then if it can be improved.

> Brian Whyer, UK, Snowflakes Acis autnunale, just starting, this week, with the rains.

Wow. That's interesting. I was surprised to find English plums in the 
shops yesterday - Summer is nearly over 8-(

David Pilling
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