adding pictures to list posts

David Pilling
Fri, 21 Jul 2017 17:16:33 PDT

It is now possible to attach pictures to postings to the PBS list.

I'd like to make some points:

Any pictures you post to the list are then effectively out of your control.

Anything you post to the list will appear in the web based archive for 
all time - assume we will only delete photos in the face of a credible 
threat of legal action.

Do not post anything that does not belong to you. If you've not taken a 
photo yourself do not post it.

If you have photos from other people to share, simply send a link.

For now only JPEG pictures are allowed. We may well extend this to PDF 

Try to make the size (in bytes) of posting reasonable (1 or 2 
megabytes). Images can be scaled down.

Attachments are automatically removed from postings and stored in the 
list archives. Postings then appear with web links to the attachments. 
This means postings will continue to be of a modest size. You need have 
no fear of this change if you use a poor internet connection.

Attachments are not scanned for viruses. You view them at your own risk.

By posting photos, you give the PBS the right to add any images to the 
PBS Wiki without first contacting you, although you still hold copyright 
for any images we add to the Wiki.

David Pilling
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