Those Box Box Tigridia

Sun, 23 Jul 2017 12:06:34 PDT
Hi Judy,

As you are talking of box store Tigridias, I'm quite sure you've got T. 
pavonia. To my experience those are totally content with being handled 
like garden gladiolus, that is they do well with dry storage over 4 or 5 
months - even one year old seedlings tolerate this quite well. Out in 
the open, they have a 50:50 chance to survive my wet Zone 7 winters - 
too little to try it often ;-). btw they are easy from seed and may 
flower at the end of their first summer - Though mine usually do so on 
their second summer.

I'm not sure if I would keep them in their dry pots - mostly because i'd 
guess they get too crowded quickly, with their rate of getting offsets.

As for other Tigridias: I've lost both Tigridia orthantha and 
chiapiensis to lifted dry storage. T. vanhouttei  seems to do fine just 
the way T. Pavonia does, but may like it in the pot, too - it rarely 
makes offsets.

Greetings from Germany (where both T. Pavonia and T. Vanhouttei only 
started flowering last week)


Am 23.07.2017 um 02:47 schrieb Judy Glattstein:
> How should they be stored for winter? Leave in their pots, no water, 
> or remove from pot, pack in just about dry peat moss in a plastic bag. 
> Inquiring mind would like to know.
> Judy in torrid New Jersey 

Southern Germany
Likely zone 7a

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