Andrew Wilson
Sun, 16 Jul 2017 22:08:30 PDT
The Surprises came not only to you Mary Sue but, one of them at least, to me as well. Thanks to David Pilling’s revision of the PBS whereabouts I find myself able to communicate once more with this company.

The specific Surprise to me was your mention of Cryptanthus brachyscyphus. We discussed how should be more widely grown after seeing it near Santa Barbara some thirty years and now, much too your surprise, in bloom in Gualala. I am indeed impressed by your constancy and patience! That is a long to to wait. Like all Cyrtanthus it’s a fine bulb and, unlike some of the others, really quite tough. I still enjoy growing them although my collection has diminished somewhat since then.

For me, big bulb surprises are rare. I am still waiting for Brunsvigia josephinae to bloom. Charles Hardman gave me several bulbs twelve years ago. I planted them out; they leaf out each year but have yet to bloom. In Los Angeles on San Gabriel River sand Charles had magnificent blooms every year. Further south with lower rainfall and probably my unwillingness to supplement it, blooms have yet to appear. I’ll let you know when that surprise comes along!

San Diego  
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