growing nomarchis from seed

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Mon, 31 Jul 2017 10:13:03 PDT
  Hello Diane et al.,
If they sprout and one morning they are eaten off at the soil line and dead; it would sound like wilt. Plant in sandy loam grow like lilies, irrigate with an antifungal and water untilwell sprouted and making own food with leaves and roots. I use 25% sand & potting soil irrigated with a natural antifungal 2C or 3C brewed in a coffee maker like a simple Mr. Coffee. I don't stop irrigating with 2C instead of plain water until at least 6 months both top watering and bottom watering for amaryllidaceae seeds also for floating seeds or or sprouting on a paper napkin/tissue on a plate. If wilt happens to be your problem, control of fungous after sprouting is magic. Also in the case of hippeastrum, habranthus, zephyranthes, etc. your young sprouts will be about 25 % taller at 6 months than ones on plain water. Works on tomatoes and many kinds of seeds. Bill Warren
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