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Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:50:09 PDT
Hi Cynthia,

Your "Secret Plant Society" message made me smile. I'm actually a member of
that secret plant society (and Dell and probably a dozen of other people on
this list). The society does conduct its business behind a
password-protected "membership zone" but they do have an open list just
like this one. They have a newsletter and a journal that publishes more
comprehensive material from their society but not at the research level.
They have their annual Convention held around the US, and conduct seed
exchanges to membership around the world. They're able to do this because
they have a modest number of people growing these plants and pay to the

Why did I say so much about the Gesneriad society? Well, it's not really
about the society as much as it is about the plants themselves. Generiads
are great plants for when you live in cold places and need a splash of
colors during those very long winter months. I found that I lusted for
geophytes when I moved to Minnesota for 2 years. I discovered that many New
World gesneriads are great geophytes and even fit the the most strict
definition of a geophyte. I have been slowly populating our wiki entries
with this group - check them out. Gesneriad material appear on our
Seed/Bulb exchanges once in a while.


On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 7:02 AM, Cynthia Mueller <cynthiasbulbs@hotmail.com>

> Uli, you might be able to find out through the Gesneriad Society here in
> the US, but it will probably be a struggle, as they are organized as an
> old- fashioned "Secret Plant Society", with no membership directory
> available to the membership. If you can't attend the annual national show,
> held in various cities around the US or don't live in a large metropolitan
> area back East or in California that has a Chapter, you're just out of luck
> in meeting other members or seeing their plants or growing conditions. One
> good thing is that past issues of the Gesneriad Society publication are on
> the web to view.
> Cynthia W Mueller
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