Habranthus/Zephyranthes crosses

Michael Kent kenttoto@gmail.com
Fri, 21 Jul 2017 19:22:25 PDT
With the extreme amount of rainfall (in this area) this summer, most of my
rain lilies are blooming non-stop. Earlier today, my Habranthus robustus
(10" pot) had about 30 blooms, in various stages.

Unfortunately, my growing space is limited. So in an area measuring about
15' x 20', I have pots of H. robustus, H. martinezii, Cooperanthes
hortensis (Received this as a freebie when ordering bulbs - internet says
name not valid - see attached picture. It looks like H. robustus except the
petal exterior  is blushed red, not pink, and the bloom is slightly
smaller.), Z. candida, Z. chlorosolen, Z. citrina, Z. grandiflora, Z.
jonesii, Z. smallii, and Z. primulina.

Several seed pods are already developing. Would anyone be interested in the
resulting seeds (if I sent them in to the SX)? I can indicate which species
is the seed parent, but pollen parent could be any of the above.

Finger Lakes (Western NY) - where the ducks have finally been able to find
enough dry land to hatch a few ducklings.
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