Ismene amancaes bulbs - information sought

Bruce Schroder
Fri, 03 Mar 2017 20:37:43 PST
Norton - I commend you on your work and I for one am very excited to see
that someone is actually taking this on.  I find it intriguing that YOU are
seeking information on growing this species because it seems to me YOU have
more knowledge and experience than just about anyone else.  This is one
very rare bulb in cultivation and I would estimate there are not many more
than 20 or 30 people/collectors world wide growing it.  It would also seem
that almost all of these plants are from a single clone as I have not heard
of anyone successfully pollinating their plants, let alone anyone growing
it from seed.  Further, seed to my knowledge has never been available for
anyone to try to germinate it so your are undertaking true pioneering work
here!  You pictures posted on the PBS site are a first - I didn't even know
what the seed looked like!  Keep it up.

The world market for this species would be enormous.

Bruce Schroder

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