Jane Sargent jane@deskhenge.com
Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:29:18 PDT
Yes, I guess the citrus police wouldn´t want you to have a Poncirus. It 
is a lovely plant, though.

The worst interaction I ever had with the plant police was a few years 
back on my way into the Burning Man Festival in the barren high desert 
of northern Nevada. We had two good-sized potted banana trees with us, 
which were intended to sit out in front of our campsite and look 
ornamental. The Federal Bureau of Land Management police are in charge 
of those public lands, and they wanted to confiscate the banana plants 
so that the banana seeds would not get loose and  invasively naturalize, 
making a banana jungle on the high, waterless alkali flats. My daughter 
tried with all her might to convince them that if seeds could ever 
sprout there, there would already be a dense marijuana plant cover. We 
finally managed to keep the banana plants through some fast talking and 
complex phone calls to officials and paperwork that was entirely bogus...

No plants at all grow on the Black Rock Desert, no bananas, no 
marijuana, not even Poncirus.

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