prohibited plants

Jane Sargent
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 04:22:23 PDT
Here are some things I´m apparently not meant to grow. Some of them live 
outside already, though I didn´t plant them, and the government will 
just never be able to get rid of them by wishing. One of them (hogweed) 
was planted here on purpose by the Evil Plantsman, a kind of inlaw who 
usually dismounts from his car, takes a shovel out of his trunk, and 
plunders whatever of mine is blooming and rare, without even asking.  
Perhaps I should extirpate the hogweed, but it reminds me of the Tromso 
Palm that I so enjoy in northern Norway--might even be the same plant. I 
don´t know what the government has against the lowly Myosotis or the 
somewhat tropical iris.

My question is whether any of the plants on this list are bulbs I should 
be steering clear of.

Perhaps I should just extirpate the Evil Plantsman, but that´s against 
the law.…

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