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Perhaps the misinformation is because people are referrering to seeds  or plants shipped by private carrier.  First class and priority mail always provides for free forwarding.  The only thing different is that it is being opened for postal inspection.  If a company sends seeds to an in between mailer who opens the package and attempts to reseal it and mail it it is not valid for delivery.  This could happenen if the package was mis- delivered, opened and then remailed. It might go throught but is not supposed to valid.  That would be like if some body is doing a robin and expects the letter to be forwarded.  If that was not automatically forwarded you might as well say that anything opened for postal inspection would automatically be destroyed which is illegal.  Only mail that has no identification or is prohibited can be destroyed.  Universal postal union rules require that mail received from a foreign country must be delivered without additional postage.  Perhaps attempts are being made by suppliers attempting to ship seeds via 3rd class or parcel post equivalent rates.  Parcel post or 3rd class does not provide for forwarding. This is not forwarding because they are opened for inspection and the addressee is not APHIS.  You absolutly need to have the seeds send via first class or priority mail.    The issue is that with private carriers it has to be forwarded by the private carrier it is mailed by because the postal service does not deliver mail without postage paid.  The private carrier has to have service in that coutry or a contract with an indigenous carrier.  It is also confused with the process of shipping plants via freight which requires an agent to pick it iup.

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When I send iris seeds to America/Canada/Australia etc all I do is stick on a customs declaration label, make sure that everything is correctly labelled then post as 
usual via Royal Mail large letter post. 

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