Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:34:44 PDT
Hello Anita, hello All, 

My potted Arisaema are moved into my cellar in their pots in autumn. The compost dries out slowly during winter but protects the dormant tubers from dessication.
In spring I repot, I only do so in autumn if there is a reason. This way there have been little losses.
For sowing Arisaema seed right now is a perfect time. They do not need stratification and would have a full growing period before winter being summer growing. On the other hand Arisaema seed is long lived if properly stored.
Another question: When did you plant your disappearing Arisaema, autumn or spring?

Thank you all for your helpful reply concerning my large form of Frittillaria imperialis. I think it is most likely a sterile Triploid, I had not thought of that. I would say there is no embryo in the seed. I don't do anything to make it set seed, no hand pollination, the seed is just there. Every capsule gets very big, I always remove some to avoid stress for the plant. 

Bye for today 


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