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David Ehrlich
Tue, 07 Mar 2017 08:15:55 PST
Back in the 60s, when I lived in San Francisco, Iplanted a marijuana seed in a pot in a window that got afternoon sun.  The plant seemed happy despite the limitedlight.  I only grew it out of curiosity,although eventually, curiosity satisfied, I did smoke it.  A curious thing about marijuana is that althoughdioecious, its sex is not genetically determined: mine started off as male, producingstaminate flowers, but later it became female, producing pistillate flowers.  This is not a particularly rare phenomenonamong dioecious plants, (Sequential hermaphroditism) but it does explain how moderncultivators can manage to have whole harems of female plants.  One wonders whether marijuana can be selfed –collect and freeze the pollen when it’s male, and use that pollen to fertilizeit later when it’s female.
David E

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Back in the early 50s Thompson and Morgan had cannabis seeds listed in their catalogue for 2 shillings 6 pence, to be grown for its decorative foliage.
I thought about it, but preferred pretty flowers.


On 2017-03-06, at 6:38 PM, Jane Sargent wrote:
>  In real life, marijuana wants to grow outdoors in the sun, where it is a weed, largely unkillable. 

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