Prepaid shipping labels for US seed imports?

Lee Poulsen
Tue, 07 Mar 2017 16:31:02 PST
>> Yes, I have the green and yellow labels, and I am pleased that they are now
>> delivered electronically as opposed to the printed ones that I had to
>> physically mail to the shipper the last time I used the small lots system
>> (years ago).
> You still do have to send one of the labels with your order, along with a copy of the permit, and a printed list of the seeds you’re ordering, with the country of origin, and the name of the exporter. 
> If the exporter just uses a number on each seed packet, then the printed list should contain that number. 

Except that now, rather than mailing actual physical copies of the permit and the labels via regular mail (“snail mail”) before the shipper could send you your order, these days you can email the PDF files for both to the shipper and they can print them out at their end.
>> The thing I was worried about was the postage from the inspection station to
>> my home. It sounds like that's not a problem, which is fantastic. I thought
>> I had to pay that separately.
> No you don’t. In theory, this could happen, but it’s never happened to me. 
When the small lots of seeds permit system was first implemented, there were different interpretations of how the onward shipping from the inspection station to the final recipient would be handled. Some inspection stations and some local postal service stations argued that the onward postage had to be paid separately, and some thought no extra postage charges should be assessed. Unluckily for me, the LAX people argued for the first case and I would get phone calls telling me to send them either money or postage stamps so they could mail me my package of seeds. Other places were luckier and the inspection station would just hand the re-sealed package back to the postal service and they would deliver it onward at no charge. It turns out that the laws and treaties said this latter method was always the correct method, and eventually this was explained to all the agencies nationwide.

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