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Am I blind, or is it too early in the morning?  I can't find a link where I
can order Janis' book....  I have his others, but I really want this one.

Also, is there any chance your book on Erythroniums will get into print?  I
can download, but really want a good paper copy.

Thank you,

Hansen Nursery

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1)  Janis Ruksans new book - The World of Crocuses - is  now in print  -
hundreds of pages, beautiful illustrations, distribution maps -

everything Janis has learned about Crocus over  the last decades -

you can learn more, including how to order the book, from this  pageon
SRGCforum :


2) It seems some are unaware of how to find  Ian Young's e-book -
Erythroniums in Cultivation - which was  introduced  late in 2016

in pdf form -  278 full colour pages - free to download via this link :


3) A reminder too of the  fact that  every week  on the SRGC website a new
Bulb Log is loaded  -

published every week since 2003, every issue can be found from this page :


and every month - on the last Friday of the month, the  free e-magazine
International Rock Gardener (IRG) ISSN 2053-7557

is published here on the SRGC site : 

An updated index is available there too.

The latest Bulb Log is  here : 

  the latest IRG is  here : 

Hope this helps those  who were  having difficulty finding the links!

M. Y

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