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Peter Taggart
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 06:12:47 PDT
It is so easy to eradicate the giant hog weed by preventing it from seeding. It is a biennial I believe, and has been a plant in the garden,  which I have known for 45 years without problems. The sap is quite nasty in strong sunlight though!
Peter, (uk)

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On 20/03/2017 11:22, Jane Sargent wrote:
> My question is whether any of the plants on this list are bulbs I should
> be steering clear of.

"Cape tulip	Homeria spp.; Morea spp."

Copied exactly as it appears in the list.

Interesting to compare what's banned there with what is banned here (UK).

Giant hogweed is one in common.

David Pilling

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