Ismene amancaes bulbs

norton cuba melly
Fri, 03 Mar 2017 05:49:29 PST
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share results about the germination of Ismene amancaes.

Endemic to Peru, they act as indicators of the beginning of winter, since they are the first plant to flower between June and July, they also are indicators,  of ENSO ( El NiƱo South Oscillation) by flowering less than normally. I have germinated 29 out of 31 seeds. The seeds are green photosynthetic, they germinate as soon as they fall on the ground, so I dont think its the kind of seed you can save for a long time in comparison to other plantas of "lomas" ecosystem. I hope I can have positive results giving the bulbs  their first cycle in May. Any advice of how to reactivate them? For the ones that use moon phases, at what moon phase should I start watering them? Third quarter?

This year I will try to germinate more but with less seeds by bag to see if I can get bigger bulbs.

I think many people wonder why we call the ecosystem "lomas" since its translation is hills, some authors say its a transformation from a word belonging to native language "uma" or "oma" which means water, referring to the water we get in the desert coming from the ocean as fog, only in the winter when the South PaCific High gets stronger.

You can see pictures of the plant in their natural habitat and my results following this link:

Best regards

Norton Cuba

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