Light bulbs

Leo Martin
Sun, 05 Mar 2017 19:23:44 PST
> What I need is a bulb that will
> fit in my window that is less than 4'. It seems that the next size down is
> 2'.  I want one of those narrow bulbs that is high out-put and energy
> efficient. If I look on line, is it a T5HO, 6,500 K color temperature that
> will give a lot of light in a small space and be highly efficient? I want a
> fixture with a reflector but rather narrow like in a fish tank set up,
> there are a number of hydroponic places here and pet [fish] stores as
> well.  I can construct a wood frame to hold it up and have a long enough
> cord that I can plug it ion a timer.
> Where is Old Bridge, NJ, I am not familiar with it?  I used to live in the
> Delaware Valley area of PA.

I don't know much about New Jersey. The parts I've seen have been nice.

An aquarium light fixture should suit your purposes. Look up aquarium
supplies and see what they have. I haven't looked at the shorter ones, but
there are probably some in the 2 foot range. Pay attention to the color
temperature of the bulbs; as mentioned, the ones sold for salt-water
aquarium use aren't that good at growing plants.

Leo Martin
Zone 9?
Phoenix Arizona USA

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